Thursday, November 7, 2013

Create Your Own Happiness.

What we want is to know the future. We, collectively, want to know if we are going to have a house, 
a family, kids, a job, friends, many Christmases and Easters and an eightieth Birthday. We want to 
know that every step we take is going to pay off. We want a guarantee, a promise that life is worth it.
 Seldom are any of granted that kind of peace.

Over the past few weeks the song, “A Drop in the Ocean,” by Ron Pope has plagued my mind, yet it 
never occurred to me until this morning why the song lingered. This is a love song. At first it is about 
a woman, falling for a woman, loving a woman, wanting and desiring for this woman to be the end 
result; the promise that life has been worth it. As I replayed the song it became clear that, while he 
was praying this girl would be his future, he was overwhelmingly content with that fact that he could 
presently hold onto this girl. He refers to her as his “heaven.” 

More important than dedicating every worry to the future is learning to rejoice in the present. I am a 
firm believer that the journey is as significant, if not more, than the destination. Finding joy and 
happiness in what you currently have, no matter how deprived your situation, is the only way to 
guarantee less worry for the future. If you are able to find pleasure in the day to day it becomes less 
critical that your future be set in stone since you have the capability to create happiness and share it 
with others. Make what you have in the here and the now your heaven.