Friday, May 24, 2013

My Last Week In CT

 (Walnut Coffee Cake and pu-erh tea with almond milk, so good.)

 (I took a drive to the beach with my dad, it was a bit too cold to stay very long)

 (Went to Hands On Pottery in Fairfield and co-painted a plate with my best friend, Crystal)

(The Bathroom in a local place in downtown is a tribute to rock n' roll and dedicated collage making)

 (Crystal and I helped this little guy back to safety after he fell from his nest into the street.)

 (For the past couple of year Jessica and I go to this book for a fun peek into what our relationships
 with people would be like. Since neither of us were looking for any cosmic relationship advice I 
looked up my mother and her husbands marriage. Looks like they are a good fit!)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Take Me Home

The movie Take Me Home had such great chemistry between the two main characters, a hard working female lead, and charming, artsy, cliche guy, that I am going to watch it again this afternoon while I paint. After doing some research I discovered that the two leads were married in real life, giving way to the electric chemistry between the characters. This is another one of my little movie finds that is worth watching.