Friday, May 24, 2013

My Last Week In CT

 (Walnut Coffee Cake and pu-erh tea with almond milk, so good.)

 (I took a drive to the beach with my dad, it was a bit too cold to stay very long)

 (Went to Hands On Pottery in Fairfield and co-painted a plate with my best friend, Crystal)

(The Bathroom in a local place in downtown is a tribute to rock n' roll and dedicated collage making)

 (Crystal and I helped this little guy back to safety after he fell from his nest into the street.)

 (For the past couple of year Jessica and I go to this book for a fun peek into what our relationships
 with people would be like. Since neither of us were looking for any cosmic relationship advice I 
looked up my mother and her husbands marriage. Looks like they are a good fit!)

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