Saturday, June 1, 2013

Michael's Graduation

Today was Graduation Day at IYRS, a yacht restoration school in Newport, Rhode Island...and what a beautiful day it was. I was able to soak in the rays, be cooled by the salty wind, and watch my brother graduate from this two year trade school. Nothing seems as wonderful as a life dedicated to working by the ocean. Firstly, I would love to say how grateful I was to see my brother graduate doing something he loves and how proud I am of all he has accomplished. He was completely at home on the docks, overjoyed at all the support of his friend and family that came to see him. The boat he, and a few others, built was beautiful. Congratulations Michael!

 (This is the boat Micheal and the team built.)

 (My family on the dock down by the boat)

(My brother and his roommate before the ceremony)

 (The Graduating IYRS Class of 2013)

I cannot stress how wonderful the day was...watching all the boats the IYRS students worked all year to make launch for the first time.

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