Friday, February 22, 2013

First Post About Coffee

Before the sun even lit up the horizon I was out of bed, throwing on a pair of slacks and a ruffled grey top, my boots and winter coat. I shoved my wallet in my back pocket, a few bucks in my front for the bus and plugged my headphones into my finally fully charged ipod. I grabbed my phone, a cup of coffee and I was out of the house. It take combination of a bus and a train to get me to school and work each morning. But I love the infinite feeling of freedom that public transportation gives me.

I'm an adult ed teacher, my focus is on math, even though math is my least favorite subject. And after my six hour shift today I was relived to hear that Jessica was back in town. We grabbed a cup of coffee and spent a few hours catching up. She is the type of person you can comfortably sit in a room with.

This the Port Coffee House's salted caramel latte. It is the most delicious thing on the menu, at least until it warms up enough for iced tea to be an acceptable drink.

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