Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Dawn of Spring in NYC

This past week I had been feeling suffocated under a mountain of day to day life; doctors, classes, midterms, work, feelings, relationship, family...and I just needed a getaway. Luckily, I love a a train ride away from New York City, where I walked from Grand Central to Chinatown and back. I let each step (about 10 miles worth of them) carry away my stress and allowed my mind to wander freely because the miracle of NYC is that you are such a small little piece of this grand puzzle. 

My first stop was a farmers market where I downed a few free sample of champagne and admired the collection of fresh eggs and fruits. I sampled homemade jams and jellies and stopped to admire the flowers, most of which I wish I could have brought home with me to liven up my room. 
 (The raspberry was by far the best.)

As I went I admired the architecture, it really is some of the most beautiful in the world.

This little park I stumbled across was strewn with a mess of people and street performers. I took from free advice from an older man who told me to be a warrior because he saw a fighting spirit in me.
 The younger man next to him, name Anderson, asked me to be in his documentary about his life in New York City. Next to them was an amazing Piano Player. The Advice Givers and Piano Player had a bit of a back and forth lighthearted spat going on which was entertaining to become a part of.

 (Stopped for a waffle with dinges before making my way into Chinatown)

(There is a place that sells Five dumplings for $1)

There is something wonderful about the streets of New York, it might have something to do with the abundance of art. I couldn't even capture the best of it on with my camera. 

To end my day I went to a chill Indian restaurant/ hookah bar and enjoyed the atmosphere and a cold seltzer. By chance my good friend, Mary, called me and asked to go see a movie. I told her I was in the city. Funny enough, so we she. We met up at Grand Central and took the train home. It was a busy and free day and I fell asleep soundly when I got home. 

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